retreat with shira


"shira's wellness retreat was the perfect way to recharge, learn new workout skills and be reminded how to take care of yourself. it was a wonderful way to connect with amazing women and have fun while gaining knowledge about how to get stronger in all areas of your health. i would strongly recommend this retreat and can’t wait to go again!"  

~ clare t.


"this weekend retreat left me feeling refreshed and full of joy!  we worked our bodies and relaxed our minds through movement and meditation.  shira and lara provided a perfect balance of fun and down time and taught me so much about how i can take the exercises from this retreat home with me.  i will be a part of the retreats to come because this was such a delightful experience"

~ elizabeth h.


"thank you so much for a transformative weekend. a beautiful setting, delicious food, and wonderful people. you have a gift for creating community and we can't have enough of that!"

~ alicia s.